Introducing ReddFish Intergalactic

is a New Zealand software development and consultancy company founded in 1987. Originally based in the capital, Wellington, we have been located in Kāeo in the sub-tropical far north since 2010.

We have a particular focus on membership database systems, web-based database applications, multi-lingual software, email management and computing using the Māori language. But we’re always ready to work on something new.

Skills and experience

During three decades of work in our ever-changing industry, we have built up a diverse and comprehensive skill set, covering a wide range of languages and techniques and including many areas of specialist expertise.

We can write in Java, SQL and PL/SQL, C, C#, C++, Visual Basic, Pascal, PHP, Javascript, Powershell, XSLT and even PL/1, Fortran and Cobol.

With in-depth knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems, we’re ready to work in any computing environment. And we have specialist expertise in many technologies including Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, Win32, .NET, JDBC driver development, XML, the DOM, CSS, HTML5 and TrueType, and in various computing areas including software design patterns, domain analysis, relational database design and email automation.

Present focus

Currently our main work is developing and supporting , our latest and greatest multi-lingual list server for Microsoft Exchange.


Location  53 Matawherohia Road, Kāeo, Northland, New Zealand
Postal address  PO Box 211, Kāeo 0448, New Zealand
Phone  +64 21791462